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"Exploring the Hidden Gems of this Etobicoke Beauty: A New Project Spotlight"


Our wonderful clients have completed a year-long journey of designing, planning, and constructing their dream home. They've been living there for over a quarter-century and decided it was time for a big transformation. Their vision of a warm, modern, and natural look has come to life, creating a welcoming space for their large extended family.

Before Pictures

When we first met with them, they already had their appliances on-site, so we had to seamlessly incorporate them into the new design. With a focus on maximizing counter and storage space, we reworked the kitchen layout and removed some structural walls.

After Pictures

The kitchen features cabinets made from solid rift-cut oak, elegantly stained with a walnut finish. These are beautifully complemented by a natural quartzite Taj Mahal countertop. Throughout the space, brass accents add a touch of warmth, enhancing the natural elements of stone and wood. The standout feature is the slatted curved peninsula, both visually striking and incredibly functional for our clients' needs.

Final Kitchen Reveal

Coffee Bar

In the end, we've turned a small kitchen into a stunningly designed and highly functional space, reflecting our clients' taste and lifestyle perfectly.

Visit our website portfolio or click below for more photos of this gem!


Get the Look:

Do’s and Don'ts When Planning a Kitchen Renovation
  1. Know what type of storage you need and add about 20% more for extras (everyone purges when they do a renovation but for some reason it always creeps back)

  2. Have good idea on your working habits

  3. Have a list of your all your wants and make sure to have them prioritize from most important to least (Its not everyday you plan a kitchen. So dream big and with right professional help dreams can become reality)

  4. Plan ahead with knowing your appliances and plumbing. This helps the execution move along faster

  1. Forget about your budget when planning. (Its important everyone in the planning stage is well aware of this prior to design)

  2. Forgetting electrical elements.. opps!

  3. Not layering your lighting (Lighting is key in any design and specifically in the kitchen where you are doing a lot of task oriented things)


Our Picks for the Season:

As the weather becomes more pleasant, we're feeling inspired to revamp our outdoor areas. Here are some of our top picks for the upcoming season. These items are not only on-trend but also priced to delight any design enthusiast.


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